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Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Signal is an online platform that creates partnerships between job seekers and elite career coaches to help them land better jobs faster, with no upfront costs.
It's like Uber for getting hired.
One of the main reasons job seekers stay stuck in their job search is a lack of feedback about their methods. You send out your resumes, but if a recruiter (or recruiting system) rejects your application, there's little incentive for anyone to take the time to explain why you got rejected.
Having an expert career coach on your side can help break that cycle, by providing targeted feedback that improves your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. A great coach will prepare you to conduct interviews that lead to job offers, and help you successfully negotiate for the salary and benefits you deserve.
We provide live 1-on-1 guidance from an expert career coach of your choosing who knows your industry, knows how to identify and address your unique needs, and (most importantly) genuinely cares about you and your career journey.
When you join Talent Signal, you gain a dedicated partner in your job search who is literally invested in your professional success.
Our coaches are so confident in their ability to help you that they work 100% on commission, meaning they only get paid when you land (and keep) a great job.
Unlike traditional coaching services which require payment upfront, Talent Signal allows you to defer the costs of the program until after you've landed your dream job, using an innovative type of contract called an Income Share Agreement (or ISA - more on that below).
Once we've helped you land a great job, you would pay back roughly one month's worth of income over a 12 month period.
The program is designed to more than pay for itself, either by shortening your job search time, netting you a higher salary, or both.
If our service helps you shorten your job search by a month or more, then mathematically speaking, you will end up ahead by using the program.
Step 1: Apply for the program (by clicking the Get Started button at the top of the page)
Step 2: Pre-match with a career coach that aligns with your job search needs (we arrange this for you)
Step 3: Interview your coach briefly to ensure the program and the coach are right for you (via a free introductory coaching session)
Step 4:  Sign the Income Share Agreement (we'll send you the signup link after you've decided to "lock in" with a coach)
Step 5: Collaborate with your coach to accelerate your job search success
Step 6: Get hired and begin making payments